Work safely in a multi-lingual workplace

Overcoming language barriers

Do you work together with foreign-language speakers on-site?
Or do you work with:
- foreign-language employees?
- foreign clients, customers, or patients?
Then you know what it is like to work with the language barrier. Prevent accidents caused by miscommunication, and make sure you are ready for the future: the multilingual workplace.

Your language or mine?

Are you being spoken to in another language or with a heavy accent? Suppress the tendency to switch directly to another ...

Increasingly more language differences...

Working with a multilingual workforce is an - inevitable - part of the future. So if you don't prepare now, incidents and accidents caused by language differences are bound to happen. But they can be avoided. By being properly prepared, your business will be able to work safely and productive with workers who speak all kinds of different languages. Which means you can work with the best people with the right skills – without having to worry about the language barrier.

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10 things a company has to do to ensure safety at work in a multilingual workplace


An earpiece which translates between languages: The Pilot. Can it be better? When one person speaks, the other hears it in their language. This is an important step towards a world without language barriers.

Working with different languages

Find out what your business can do to break down the language barrier. For example: give proper training to bilingual employees so they can act as interpreters for colleagues. Want to know more?

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