Follow the latest developments in multilingual working practices: the scope, risks, regulations, solutions and successes.

Risk multilingual working environment

The Inspectorate SZW points out the risk of the multilingual working environment in its annual plan 2017. 

(bron: Jaarplan 2017 - Inspectie SZW)

Will English disappear as official language?

The UK will leave the European Union. Will English disappear as a working language in Brussels? It is a serious matter, evident from the threat of the EU-negotiator for Brexit: he wants to keep these in French.

(bron: HP de Tijd | NRC | The Guardian | Reuters)


Everybody speaks English

A popular misconception is that most people speak English and can therefore communicate with each other in English. The fact is, however, that only 1 in 3 Europeans are sufficiently fluent in English to be able to hold a conversation.

Learning the official shop floor language is the number one solution

Learning the official shop floor language helps to eliminate language barriers. However, this does not solve urgent language differences, that is to say, when you need to be able to understand each other right now. Language training is an effective solution for the medium and long term. Solutions for eliminating language barriers that have to be broken down immediately are interpretation and translation.

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