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The multilingual workplace is the future - but,
how do you ensure communication and cohesion and prevent incidents? Which solutions are appropriate for your situation? And how should they be used? Explore this together with Global Work Talk. And take effective action now.

A Dutch scrap processing company has a language strategy with as main components:

  • for work on the list "dangerous work" it is mandatory to speak Dutch or German
  • if you don’t speak Dutch, you have to be able to read and write; this is tested
  • the work instructions and safety instructions are available in 6 languages

What is your approach? Probably you work with interpreters, translations, visual language, language training and language requirements. What works and are other solutions available?

Language policy

Would you like to discuss your language policy? Then contact Jeannette Paul.

In-company workshop

In a customized workshop you determine jointly what you stand for, where you are going and what approach brings you there. The workshop works as an accelerator; the workshop leader feeds the group with recognizable dilemmas, relevant knowledge and useful tools. Interested? Then contact Jeannette Paul.

Customised solutions

If you need a solution for your project, business, or organisation right now, Global Work Talk can help you to develop a specific approach or tools that you can start using right away. Call Jeannette Paul on +31 6 55175627 or ask her to sit down and discuss your situation over a cup of coffee: 

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