Open Workshop

The multilingual workplace is an - inevitable - part
of the future; if we do nothing, then incidents caused by language differences will continue to rise. Come to the Open Workshop and be inspired by the solutions that will help you to enhance safe and productive working practices in your multilingual workplace.

Working in a multilingual workplace - keep it safe & healthy

Does your organisation work with people who have insufficient language skills with regard to the official language? And does this leads to communication problems, misunderstandings and hassle? Come to the open workshop. Here we will discuss how language differences affect communication, when it is a safety risk and what steps you can take.
The workshop is designed for enthusiastic supervisors, QHSE managers, and safety officers in businesses who work with foreign-language workers.
The workshop consists of a mix of presentations and doing. After the meeting you are briefed on the subject, you look back on an inspiring morning and you have an answer to your burning questions.
The next workshop will take place on <date follows> (in Dutch).
Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Time: we start at 10 am and continue until 13 o'clock - we have lunch in between

Conditions for participation:
  • the costs for participation are 250 euros (excluding VAT);
  • you can cancel registration until one week before the workshop; it is always possible to be replaced by a colleague.
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